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SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING/PPC-Pay Per Click is an important part of digital marketing, and it also helps to get traffic easily towards a website. Hence, if you want your site to get fast traffic, it is a wise idea that you go for PPC. However, you will have to know the basics associated with it, and this is one of the best reasons for which you should get Pay Per Click training from the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore.

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  1. Earning Money
  2. Registering for Adsense
  3. Selecting Ads
  4. Pay Per Click
  5. Pay Per Lead
  6. Pay Per Sale
  7. Placing Ads on Websites
  8. Payment Modes
  9. Account Details
  10. Threshold Limit
  11. Guidelines For Adsense
  1. Introduction of PPC (Pay Per Click)
  2. How PPC Works
  3. Affiliate Marketing Programs
  4. Advertiser
  5. Publisher
  6. Getting started with Adwords
  7. Adwords vs Adsense
  8. Landing page info
  9. Budget
  10. Timing
  11. Keywords selections
  12. CPC (Cost Per Click)
  13. CPM(cost per mille or cost per impression)
  14. Conversion rate
  15. Ad positioning
  16. SEM vs SEO
  17. Account setup
  18. Campaign
  19. Ad group
  20. Target through language
  21. Target through location
  22. Target through customers
  23. Target, placement & segmentation
  24. Keywords Research
  25. Traffic Estimator Tool
  26. Ad Groups Setup
  27. Creation of Banners
  28. Google Tracking code
  29. Optimize cost per click
  30. Build a healthy keywords list
  31. Use of Traffic Estimator
  32. Accounts setting
  33. PPC Campaign Design
  34. How to increase traffic
  35. Landing page improvement
  36. Know your quality score
  37. Knowledge of Google analytics
  38. Google Analytics Setup
  39. Analytics Tracking Code Setup
  40. Link with analytics
  41. Analytics dashboard
  42. Use of analytics
  43. Role of Analytics in PPC
  44. Introduction of Google insight
  45. Introduction of Google Trends
  46. Managing clients accounts
  47. How to track your conversion
  48. Tracking your keyword’s performance
  49. Budget, Billing, Reporting Techniques

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