10 ways you can increase your Instagram followers

10 ways you can increase your Instagram followers
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10 ways you can increase your Instagram followers

Many brands use Instagram as a key component of their social media presence. It increases conversions and drives profitable traffic to landing page pages.
You might want to increase your Instagram presence. This will give you more chances to interact with people and create memorable experiences.
It is important to differentiate between organic and paid followers. It is easy for brands to confuse organic followers with paid followers. However, these shortcuts can be costly as the Instagram algorithm is constantly updated to remove low-quality accounts and interactions.
Remember that your Instagram followers don’t always mean much if you don’t have any engaged followers who make purchases. These tips can help you grow your Instagram following.

10 ways you can increase your Instagram followers

1. Optimize your Instagram Account

Before you begin trying to figure how to get Instagram followers, optimize your Instagram account.
If your profile image, captions, and bio are not optimized, how will people know that your account is associated to your brand?
If you are unsure, you can link to marketing pages and product pages that relate to specific keywords, hashtags or campaigns through your Instagram account. These pages contain the links to the most recent content that a brand has mentioned on its feed. These pages also contain “link in bio” posts that direct users to the linked links.
Your username should be search-friendly. This means that your username must be search-friendly. It should be consistent with other social media accounts that you have.
An Instagram marketing strategy will optimize your Instagram account. Download our guide to get started.

2. Keep a consistent content calendar

Don’t post random content to Instagram to get followers.
Spam can be avoided by following a consistent posting schedule. It is important to stick to a consistent posting schedule. There are approximately 200 million Instagram users who log on every day. To reach even more people, you can publish a few times per day.
Our research on the best times for Instagram posts reveals the best times for multiple industries. You can also follow our research below of the best times for all topics. Continue reading to find out more.

3. Insta posts can be scheduled in advance

Although Instagram has made it easier to display more content, the algorithm still allows you to post at the right time so that your posts are more visible and get more engagement.
Your brand has many options to increase visibility. Sprout Social makes it simple to schedule Instagram content.
All members of your team will be able to see the schedules and campaign better if you plan ahead. Use our Instagram scheduling tools to reach all your followers while keeping a consistent flow.

4. Partner with brand advocates and get them to post your content

It’s crucial to understand the value of your followers when you want to increase your Instagram followers.
To get customers to follow you, they will see you.
Reach a larger audience
You can also increase your reach by using a larger audience.
Make sure you provide value.

5. Fake Instagram followers are not to be trusted

It is a big difference between fake and real followers on Instagram. Although it might be tempting to buy Instagram followers, the negative consequences of this practice outweigh the benefits of organic growth.
Fake Instagram Followers are:
Conceive to attract new followers If the account has low followers and is inactive on Instagram, it will be less credible. Don’t trick others into following you. To improve engagement, you must build trust and sustain long-lasting relationships.
Have no ROI:It may seem easier to buy followers but your unmanned new followers and acquired bot will not be purchasing anything. Instagram users follow brands because they like what you post and the company as a whole. These people are true spenders and can add financial value to your business.
Create little-to-no buzz:If you have 10,000 fake followers, how many people will comment, share, like and share your content? These fake accounts and bot accounts are more likely than not to be deleted by Instagram. Your posts will appear like engagement graveyards.
Allow real people to comment on, like, comment, and share your Instagram photos. They also love receiving replies from other users.

6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere

If you don’t promote your Instagram, how will people find your account?
To be discovered, you must create visibility and awareness.
Cross-promoting on social media is another great idea.
However, you shouldn’t ask for followers. Instead, you should encourage original content to Instagram.

7. Followers for post content

It’s not an easy task but it is worth the effort.
You don’t have to use filters, captions, or other post types. Even the smallest details make a difference.
Your brand should invest in Instagram analytics software to take your analysis one step further.
Your content strategy can be confident. You can feel confident about your content strategy.
Although you should not copy your competitors, it’s smart to take note of what their posts are encouraging engagement.

8. Start the conversation

Conversation is one of the best ways to get users to notice your Instagram.
People continue to use social media as a means to reach out to brands. You can use it for questions and chats as well as serious customer service queries.
This could mean the difference between following your brand on social media and acquiring new customers. It is, therefore, crucial to gain the loyalty and attention necessary to convert your followers into customers.

9. Use hashtags that can be converted

Hashtags are a great way to increase your Instagram followers. This is possible with the help of hashtags.
You can start by searching for hashtags that don’t have a lot of followers.
It is important that you search for hashtags that are popular with your target audience.
It is equally important to know how hashtags work on Instagram. And with Sprout socialize hashtag analytics to determine which hashtags perform best, you have direct access to performance and hashtag usage data.

10. Your Instagram followers should be happy

If you make your Instagram followers happy, you will see an increase in your audience’s happiness.
This could be as simple as sharing posts that bring a smile to followers’ faces or build customer relationships. You can share memes, inspirational content, or simply reshare photos and artwork that may give your followers a boost of energy.

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