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In 2020, I decided to join Facebook full force and grow my following.
Guess what? My most successful online store has grown to 54,000 Facebook fans.
All those likes gave me the confidence that my team and I were doing it right, as a massive boost in my ego. These likes allowed us to create a community that loved our niche and our products. This created a beautiful cycle that resulted in more sales.
Let’s not get into detail about me. What can you do to make this happen in your store?
I will share the proven strategies that have worked for me to gain more Facebook followers and increase my likes.

How to get Facebook followers

There are many ways to gain Facebook followers for your company, from influencer marketing to Facebook ads for beginners. These are 18 methods that I found helpful:

1.Run Facebook ads

you’re trying to figure out how to get Facebook followers, the most obvious solution is Facebook ads.
You can run “Engagement” ads on Facebook that will help increase your brand’s visibility.
However, any ad that you create will most likely increase your followers, even conversion ads.
Facebook users who like the ad content will likely appreciate it and like, or follow, your Facebook page.
So, if your main goal is to get store sales, you can run a conversion ad and still increase Facebook likes to your page. This Facebook ads questions video will help you learn more about Facebook advertising.

2.Invite others to like your page

Inviting people to like your Facebook page is the best way to increase your followers. Invite your family and friends to select your page.
Facebook will periodically send you notifications asking people to like your store’s page once you have started running ads.
I found that engagement ads would result in a more significant number of people inviting me to like the page.
However, Facebook temporarily blocked me from inviting people manually. You should limit the number of people that you request at once.
Facebook may still send you notifications if you are temporarily blocked. You won’t still be able to invite people. You might need to wait a few days before asking more people.
Invite your family and friends to like your page. It’s better to target a smaller audience than a large one. This could hinder the effectiveness of future ads.

3. Create viral content

On my most popular store’s Facebook Page, I would share memes and funny videos as well as relatable quotes.
People would tag their friends in the post, which usually helps increase social media engagement but also helped increase social reach.
Chubbies is another online retailer that creates viral-type content. Their products are often used to create hilarious content.

The scenarios are theatrical, which results in humorous content that helps increase social shares. The video was liked by 290 people and shared by 128 others.
If you don’t have the artistic chops to create your viral content, you can always share viral niche content with your audience. Be sure to credit the creator.

4. Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to increase Facebook likes.
You can host a giveaway on your website using a tool like Rafflecopter.
Can share your giveaway in Facebook groups, forums, giveaway websites and on your own Facebook page.
You’ll increase your chances of increasing the number of your Facebook fans by using one of the methods to enter “visit Facebook page”.
Below is an example of a giveaway that CatLadyBox shared on their Facebook page. They used emojis to draw emphasis on the giveaway keyword.
They shared the post on their Facebook page, so, likely, their followers will also see it. May be shared giveaway posts with friends to increase their Facebook followers.
Once you’ve got it all set up, don’t stop there.

5. Post-Attention-Grabbing Content

You might be trying to figure out how to get Facebook Likes.
To make this work, you will need an audience. Let’s look at Taco Bell’s gif, which received 2.5k likes on Facebook in just two hours and had 549 shares during that time.

Because of its uniqueness, it helps to gain Facebook followers.

6. Add a Facebook Likes Popup

Some online shops ask for email addresses upon exit intent.
However, if your main objective is to increase Facebook likes instead of subscribers, you can create a Facebook like pop-up instead.
OptinMonster is a popular pop-up tool that allows you to gain new leads and can be repurposed to fuel Facebook likes, as well.
Can set a timer to trigger the pop-up after a specified amount of time.
Pop-ups can make your website too overwhelming for mobile devices and may cause people to leave faster.
If you have a Facebook Like pop-up on your website, ensure it is the only one.

7. Use Facebook Live

Some of the most viral videos have been Facebook Live videos.
If you’re building a niche store, your Facebook Live might be more about general niche tips.
If you have just added new products to your store or order samples, you may be able to offer a glimpse at the products via Facebook Live.
Increase your Facebook followers by telling customers and followers that you Livestream every Tuesday.
All Facebook Live videos are showed on the Facebook Live Map. The more people who watch your Livestream, the higher your feed will appear.
Boom. More Facebook Likes

8. Partner with an Influencer

If you want to know how to get Facebook followers, the secret sometimes lies in influencer partnerships.
Some of the most influential people I have ever worked with were not influencers. Most of them were niche fan sites.
These pages are for niches that share excellent products and fantastic articles about the place. They are all over Facebook. They often have enormous audiences. They are usually less expensive than influencers.
This strategy is great if you have a tight budget. If you’re looking to partner with an influencer in your niche, there are many options.
It is easiest to search for “[niche] bloggers” in Google. For example, you might search for fashion bloggers. You can then look at their fan pages and contact them to get their rates.
You can send a sample product to potential influencers if they are interested in collaborating. Ask them to tag your Facebook Page in their post when they share it on Facebook. This will make it easier for people to follow you if they are interested in your product.
To learn more, read our guide, The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Influencer Marketing.

9.Get Tagged by Other Facebook Pages

You can get organic shoutouts on larger Facebook pages to help you gain more followers.
To get a shout out, look for brands who regularly feature their customers or other non-competing businesses on social media sites.
Next, choose brands with a similar audience to yours or at least somewhat related.
If you are a watch manufacturer, you might take a photo of your watch and another brand’s sunglasses. You could tag the brand in the image. You might be able to get them to share your post with their followers.
Here’s an example where Samsung shared a photo taken with their phone by a customer and posted it to their Facebook page.

10. Automate Your Activity with Automation Tools

Marketing automation can help you get Facebook followers.
How do you know? You won’t increase your Facebook likes if there isn’t any content on Facebook. It can be hectic to run a store. Sometimes, things such as posting on Facebook can get overlooked.
Only have 20 minutes a week total for your social media marketing? You can set up an automation tool to schedule a series of posts for the next few days.
With proper credit, you can include product images in your post.
It is possible to work on more impactful projects if you know that Fridays at 5 pm are the best days to schedule posts.
You have a better chance of getting more Facebook fans if you post more on Facebook.

11. Add a Facebook widget.

If you want to increase Facebook likes, the easiest way to do that on your ecommerce website is to add a Facebook Like Widget by Widgets.
Shopify adds a similar icon to specific pages in your store, such as product pages.
It can also show shoppers who else likes your page to give you a bit of social proof to get more Facebook followers.
This free tool will help you grow your Facebook followers if you are beginning to learn how to do so.

12.Add Your Social Media Links to Your Website

It’d surprise you to see how many store owners fail to include their social media links on their websites.
Your social icons may be located in the header, footer or sidebar, depending on your theme.
You can either contact a Shopify Expert to highlight their placement or use Hey Carson for minor development work.

13. Send your list an email.

You can use your email list to learn how to increase Facebook followers.
Either include social media icons (including Facebook) within your emails or email your list directly and ask them to like your Facebook page.
If you haven’t been building an email list but have customers who’ve agreed to receive email marketing, you can email those people to increase Facebook likes.
Can find the mail list in your Shopify dashboard under Customers > Subscribers.

14. Make more video content.

How to get Facebook Likes Try video marketing.
Facebook video content usually receives more engagement than text-based posts or pictures. This means that more people will see your content.
Your chances of your content being found by new Facebook fans are higher the more you have Facebook likes and viewers.
Building an audience is not the only key to attracting new followers. It’s also about building your brand. You can make a more substantial following by creating great content in a popular format.
You will need to improve your video content strategy if you want Facebook likes to grow.

15. Engage with your Community

Some of the biggest ecommerce brands don’t engage with their customers. Even the smallest retailer can have a competitive edge.
But engaging with your community isn’t only about customer service, like responding to questions about delivery times. It’s about building relationships. It’s also about building relationships.
Netflix is an excellent example of a brand on Facebook that regularly engages with customers. You want to interact with them because their comments are almost always funny.
Engaging with your followers can lead to their friends following you.

16.Hashtag it Up

Although “hashtag” is often associated with Instagram or Twitter, it can increase your Facebook followers.
When it comes to hashtags, there are two fundamental approaches. You can use #fashion as a hashtag for fashion posts or use an audience-focused hashtag such as Sephora.
Sephora’s #fitspo post is not about fitness inspiration. They likely used the hashtag to draw users interested in fitness inspiration to their brand.
Sephora’s hashtag allows them to reach new people with their posts – an audience that could become Facebook fans.

17.Get a coupon for liking your Facebook page.

To increase sales, the whole purpose of getting Facebook fans is to gain them. With the Facebook Likes Popup app, you can offer customers a coupon if they like your page.
You get a new customer, and the customer can use the coupon to receive a discount on their purchase.
This exit intent app is ideal for people who want to get social proof on Facebook and possibly make a few sales.

18.Get Tagged by Customers

Once a product is delivered to your customer, you can send them an email (if they have accepted marketing) asking them to tag and tag you in their photos.
People share products often on social media. Getting tagged by customers can help increase your Facebook followers…and sales.
The audience pull will be more minor, but this word of mouth marketing is more impactful since it’s authentic.
Here’s the scoop on how to get more Facebook followers.
Facebook has seen a lot of changes over the last few months. However, that doesn’t mean Facebook is less powerful.
It is still the most used social network. And their 2.60 billion monthly active users is no joke.
If you play your cards well, all these users could translate into enormous growth opportunities.
These tips should help you grow your Facebook following to continue achieving your business goals.

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